Wednesday, April 26, 2006

WIP and Hanne colors

Wanted to show you a WIP today, Aden's blanket. This one is slightly slow-going. I'm working on the third of seven strips of garter. The never-ending garter is definitely what is making it slow. I need to set an end-date for this project so that I can finish it before the boy it is intended for ends up going to college (he's only two now). As always, if I would just knit one thing at a time, I would be good to go and finish things faster.

Also wanted to show you some of the yarn from the Hanne kit. If there were more of it, I'd get naked and roll around in it. Now, there would be a real picture of interest (ah, the odor of fresh sarcasm in the morning).


Holly in CT said...

OMG I love the colors for your Hanne! I just ordered my third Hanne Pagode in Cerese and Poppy. Can't wait to see your WIP!

Holly in CT said...

Another place on the web to get the Hanne kits cheaper tha US prices: