Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Book Review

Mason-Dixon Knitting is a sweet little book (visit these girls at Mason-Dixon Knitting. Sweet because it evolved out of the friendship of two knitters living on oppostie ends of the planet, I mean, opposite ends of the Mason-Dixon line. Same difference.

I really like this book. Mostly because it has knitted stuff in it. By stuff, I mean things other than scarves, socks, hats, and shawls. Things like lacy curtains, seat covers, clever little bowls. I like the idea of knitting this stuff, even if I don't ever get around to it. And it has some really interesting blanket patterns that as an amateur knitter I wasn't really aware of. Plus, they tell their cute little story in and around the book and introduce us to some other cool knitters. Very satisfying.

This may be one of those books that I don't use a ton, but I enjoy bringing out to look at all the pretty pictures, read a few of the anecdotes and just enjoy.

And I really like the fact it all evolved out of a blog......

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