Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ah, the Decision Makers

As if taking away our right to choose, getting us involved in wars no one wants and not doing a damn thing to help control the oil prices weren't enough.....

I'm sure most of us didn't see this, and I'm glad it was brought to our attention by a fellow knitter on the KRF. February first was "Screw the college students and their parents day" in Congress. That was the day that the GOP cut $12 billion in federal student aid programs.

But, no, that's not enough! Let's remember, they also voted against a Democratic measure that would have helped cut interest rates on student loans in half.

If you're appalled and especially if you have a story to tell about paying for college or not being able to pay for college, you can take action by emailing your story to the democrats in Congress.

Right now, Reps. George Miller and Dick Durbin to propose another bill to cut the rates in half.

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