Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Blah blah blah

Don't have a lot to say today. Kids have drained me of brainpower! Wanted to point out though that when I posted the Pink lyrics yesterday, I didn't have a link to hear the song. So, I went out and found one and put it in yesterday's post. So, if you are interested, you can go have a listen.

Clarifying my post of yesterday regarding my sweater-finishing issues. Sweater #1: I completed all of the pieces. I even sewed together (with Cindy's help), the front and back. The problem with that one is I have to pick up over 100 stitches along the front to do some edge, so maybe my real issue is that I don't love picking up. But, I think that can eventually be overcome, I mean, hey I use DPNs all the time (well, when I have to otherwise I use 2 circs, let's be honest, now).

Sweater #2: This would be the husband sweater. I don't know why it's so daunting. But, it's one of those projects, I just have no desire to pick back up. Love him to death, just not dying to pick it back up. I'm thinking if I switch to working on a sleeve it might get me motivated to get back on the sweater roll.

I have no problem blocking, that's no biggie. But, yeah, I don't love the putting together. And Cindy won't let me give stuff to her for finishing!!!! She wants me to learn it and I know she's right, but come on mom!!!!

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Robin's Donna said...

When you do DH's sleeves, cast on both sleeves at the same time so they are the same length, etc. Personally I hate sleeves for some unknown reason, so I now do them second to get them out of the way. Picking up 100 stitches does bite -- no suggestions for that, except next time choose a pattern that incorporates the bands in the knitting, rather than adding them on afterwards. Bite off the seaming in little parts to make it more palatable -- maybe 20 minutes a day. If you continue to hate seaming, then give that LYS some business and let go of having to do all your own finishing. Finishing service is available for a reason -- some people really hates finishing. Feel free to be one of them.