Tuesday, April 18, 2006

DH's sweater

I finally picked up Allen's sweater tonight. I thought that I was already at the shaping portion of the back, but no. So, on I knit. It's a simple rib pattern and so it goes along pretty fast. I am not going to work on the socks now because I am hell-bent on just finishing the back of this project. I'm using my Denise needles at least it's faster than some of the other circulars I have (I wish that I had started the Chevron on a pair of Addi's, I'd be going along a lot quicker). I used to think it was crap about the needles making you knit faster. I was so young. Such an amateur :0

So, I have about half an inch to an inch left before I start shaping. Which means, my butt needs to go back upstairs and get to it! I'll try to post a pic tomorrow and give you the name of the yarn because my brain has a horrible case of flatulence right now.

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