Monday, April 10, 2006

Immigration, the Indigo Girls, and yes, knitting

Was listening to the Indigo Girls, "Shame on You," and it made me think about the demonstrations today by illegal immigrants.
For those of you not familiar with the song, there's a line that says "We're looking for illegal immigrants/Can we check you car?/I said "It's funny I think we were on the same boat/Back in 1694" (or there approximately)" I say, you want to work, you want a better life for your kids, this is the place. (Can't believe I'm sort of on Bush's side on this one, but that's only because he's leaning left in an attempt to appease the Latino vote that the other Republicans are alienating).

And I'm rocking out to this song with Callista who LOVES the Indigo Girls. And as I am singing, there's a line with the F-word and it's almost out of my mouth when I realize my audience. Crap. These are the times when I forget the mothering part of the introducing your children to cool music motto. I was so gratified the other day when Callista identified Elton John on the radio ("Benny and the Jets"), but I won't be playing "The Bitch is Back" for her anytime soon.

Beautiful day here today! Got the lettuces AND the broccoli planted. Can't imagine why I haven't gotten any knitting done yet.

But, thanks to my knitting guru, Linda, I get what they mean by kf&B. I've had to knit in the front. I've had to knit in the back. I just never had to knit both ways. I'm making a scarf from (shock!) Last Minute Knitted Gifts for me in Koigu purple and variations thereof. Great for Spring. Will post a pic when I have a little more on the needles.

And I think I have figured out my stopping point issue on TSP (Top Secret Project. More on that later.

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