Saturday, April 01, 2006

Girls craft night (part two)

Here are the ladies enjoying the evening. I ate like a pig, so I'll be paying for that this week during work-outs! I did find time to knit between bites and I actually worked on THE yoga bag. The picture is not great (I cannot take pictures of ultra long items very well when they are laying down. And this sucker is long because it is a felted project.

Per Jackie's request, the photo of her not knitting has been removed :)-

Here's the pic of said bag. "Do you do yoga?" (Michelle, my favorite quote of the night)

And with 5 photos today I must run! I do have a life outside of this computer you know.......

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jaqic said...

I did have a great time, thanks for inviting me. The food was filling and the wine was tasty, I had to stop knitting after the second class.