Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sweet Georgia Yarns

Not sure if I mentioned these guys before or not, but in my ever-expanding quest for great yarn, they were recommended to me by I think Donna. Anywho, they are Sweet Georgia Yarns and they are literally just about to update their site with new yarn Superwash Sock, Speed Demon (who wouldn't want to knit with THAT?) and Handpainted Sock. The update was supposed to be noon PST, but I think they are a little behind due to the new website. Hit it girls!

***FYI--they do take special orders for previous colorways and specific yarn. You can find out about it on their site. And they don't even charge some exorbitant price for it. Go to their site and check out their blog. Really awesome projects in process.


Robin's Donna said...

So my enabling is working. What did you buy?

jaqic said...

Went to the site already all sold out, oh well, next time. Oh thanks for getting rid of that picture. :)

Eleni said...

Donna, by the time I got to the site the second time, they were sold out! So I didn't get to buy anything this round. Still waiting on my stuff from Brooklyn Hand Dyed! Can't wait to see it! And thanks for posting my site on whatever site you did regarding Robin's shawl. I'm getting a lot of traffic!