Friday, April 14, 2006

Customer Service Appreciation

I was having an off and online conversation with Donna about our sometime frustration with customer service at knitting establishments (both LYS and online stores). I suppose I do suffer from "customer entitlement," but that's because I was raised by a flight attendant who has had to swallow a lot of sh$$ in the name of "customer service." That and working in the restaurant industry for 6 + years. Everyone should have to work in the restaurant industry at least once because it makes you that much more appreciative of good customer service.

So, Donna recommended to me a wonderful online store that has been extraordinarily helpful and I did add them to the links, but wanted to mention them here as well. They are Knitty-Noddy and if Donna gives them kudos, I'm sure we can all have a great experience there.

See, when you do something good for a knitter, they want to tell EVERYONE about it.......

and it works when you do something bad, too :)-

In other news, I am going to be knitting a corset for myself that is just too delicious to even talk about! But, of course, I will. You can see it at Annie Modesitt's Site and I plan on doing it in an amazingly bright and beautiful yarn of orange and reds. Thanks to Dale for the idea! If I hadn't seen her knitting it, I probably would not have thought of it!!!! And thanks to Jodi for winding and helping me pick out the colors.....I know, I know, enough with the pink.

Now, when will I be getting to this. Well, I'm in the middle of the scarf I keep promising to photograph. I'm actually going to have to slightly block it on the needles so you can see the chevron pattern. But, it's going really fast so....

After I finish one more strip of Aden's blanket (I have 5 squares left in this strip), then I can start the corset.

The top secret project was going along swimmingly until I had to pick up and knit together across 60 stitches, but that's what I have Cindy for.

And, after talking to Jodi today DH Allen will be getting his sweater by his birthday, September 12th (OF THIS YEAR!). I'm going to check out what's left on the back and finish it. And then set some timelines for the other three pieces. And hopefully, you guys will help keep me honest!

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