Saturday, April 08, 2006

Secret Agent Knitting

I started my top secret knitting project on Thursday night. Only the women at my LYS knows what it is and we can't talk about it specifically on here because the recipient reads the blog. Let's just say that it's complicated, time-consuming and I only have a few months to complete it. I know, that sounds like a lot of time, but for those of us who can't just knit one project at a time....this is not a lot of time.

That and it's a project that my children are dying to help with. I think by the time I am finished, they won't have any nerve-endings left in their hands from getting bopped. Let's just say there are beads, and beads are very temtping to the small. Sabrina keeps saying, Mommy I like your beads in this really creepy way.

I've also got a baby blanket going and I want to start this other really awesome lace scarf. Very exciting.

And my sock yarn came today from Brooklyn Hand-Dyed. Will have to post the picture tomorrow when there is some natural light about. The colors are awesome and it's mighty soft. I know one colorway is Orchid, and I'm blanking on the other one, but will post with correct color tomorrow.

Plus there are the socks I started on the plane a couple of weeks ago....

And Allen's sweater that he's begging for.....

And the sweater my grandmother picked out....

This is going to be a long summer :)

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