Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Bush Tour Stopped Here

Lucky us, yesterday was Junior's day to bring his "Healthcare Agenda" to Connecticut. Of course, there were protesters, kept at least a block away, but thankfully they haven't taken away that right yet. I digress.

I flipped on the television yesterday somewhere in the middle of his spiel about healthcare savings accounts and the cost of healthcare. He made some rather vague analogy to when lasik surgery was new how it wasn't covered and now it is (would love to know what the actual statistics on that are....a friend had it done in the late 90's and it was totally covered). But the INTERESTING part of the approximately three minutes I made it through was how many times he used the word INTERESTING. I counted 5 times in about a minute and a half.

But, wait, it gets more INTERESTING. You could see him struggling with his words, trying to come up with something other than INTERESTING, but no, the hamster in the brain can only turn that wheel so fast, and so he stuck with INTERESTING.

At this point, I was so frightened I turned the television off. Couldn't even switch channels. The one thought that wouldn't leave my brain was "This man is representing Americans all over the world. And we wonder why they think we are stupid??!!" It would have been easier to listen to him uh, oh, or ah. Or even watch some of those famous facial ticks of his.

(Come on, Eleni, he's our President, cut him some slack.) Yeah, no.

I'm so over him. And I cannot believe we're going to have to listen to this drivel for another two and a half freaking years. Really closer to three, but I'm trying to not depress myself.

But, there are positives. DeLay is out. Add misogynist to my list of complaints about him. There's a great piece of audio at The Huffington Post where he actually says, "There's nothing worse than a know it all woman."

And then today, the link between the President and the CIA operative name leaking scandal.

Remind me again.....because it came up tonight at the knitting group....they voted to impeach Clinton over a blowjob?

But, out and out crimes, these are non-impeachable offenses?

Wake me in three long as some wack-job right winger isn't living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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