Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring Knitty is Up

For any of you who aren't on the email list, the Spring Knitty is up. Some interesting patterns. Some that I wonder how much time I would have to have on my hands before I thought about knitting them (nautilus shells? Seriously?). I'm sure those things are going to end up on the You Knit What site. Cause for real people. No slight to the designer. Someday when I am designing patterns for Mastiff dog socks, you can remind me of the shells. Go see the Knitty site, there's a neat beaded shawl on there. I've got to go knit something before you knitters take my membership card away.


Sharon said...

I would have thought the same about the shells, if I didn't have a 13yo daughter who has a sea themed bedroom, she loves them.

That being said, I am not rushing to knit them!!!!!

Eleni said...

We've got a Nemo themed bathroom, so PLEASE, don't show them to my girls!