Thursday, April 06, 2006

The bag is finished!

I'm not ready to post the pic yet as the yoga bag is still drying, but it is felted and fabulous! Love it! My hubby arrived home to the smell of wet wool and after first accusing the dog, followed his nose to the laundry room where low and behold, the long-discussed bag lay flat to dry!

A note on the felting: I am so glad the fabulous lady who put together Last Minute Knitted Gifts (she's the one who owns Purl) mentioned how fast the Manos yarn felts. Because in 10 minutes of agitation, the bag was completely felted. I've felted other items that were obviously 100% wool and yet, they took a while to felt. This was definitely a "set the timer on your microwave or else" project. ****If I hadn't been an ass, and first checked the purl site for book corrections the following would not have been a big deal, silly me.******

Also a note on the pattern, unless I've smoked too much crack recently, the amounts for the colors you need are slightly off. So, if you plan on knitting this, you should definitely take a look at that. I ended up changing the stripes on the pattern to accommodate.

This book is great. I've knitted a BUNCH of gifts from it including the baby booties, several scarves, and now I am at work on the baby blanket (one of the more time consuming products). The book is great because it is divided up (very accurately, I think) into the length of time it would take an average knitter (such as myself) to complete the project. Very cool. I've got a link in the sidebar if you are interested in purchasing.

I'll have the finished product pic up soon, promise. And I am definitely taking it to knitting nite!

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Holly from Bristol said...

I can't wait to see it tonight! I agree that the "Last Minute Gifts" book is a great resource for the pattern library. Her shop, Purl, is truly a wonderland of color. At least it was last autumn when I was there. See you tonight.