Monday, August 27, 2007

Mama said

There'd be days like this.

First, the bright note, I get to dance the happy dance again this morning with the breaking news that Alberto is out on his ass-o. 'Nuff said (except to say that this lame duck presidency is starting to be kind of fun . . . remember the "deck of cards" they had when they went into Iraq? It's starting to feel like that, when they would come on and say they caught Chemical Ali and they would hold up some random deck of cards . . . somewhere on the Internet, there must be a deck of cards with these yahoos pictures on them . . . I'm guessing Alberto was the queen of hearts).

Now to the rest.

We just got back from VA which was more of a schlep than usual but all in all, a good trip. DH couldn't go with us because of the fabulous puppy, Wilbur. We don't board our dogs in general and didn't want to start with a five-month-old pup. I have to post pictures of him, he's enormous, and looks just like the boy we lost three years ago, but I digress.

I came home and had guests which was fine, but now I feel like it's taking me extra days to unpack and on top of that it's the last week before school so I have a ton of crap to get done and I roll out of bed this morning aching all over from exercise that clearly is meant to kill me and I go to make coffee and I'm standing in a small puddle of water. The fridge is next to the counter where I keep the coffee maker. The fridge hates me for reasons I am not yet sure of. So, the past hour and a half has been dedicated to figuring out what the hell is going on with the fridge. There's built up ice in the bottom of the freezer, the dust bunnies had mated behind it, and as this is the second build up of ice, now there is a problem. Thoughts anyone? Or do I just give up and call the repair guy?

Not to mention, I have lights under my counter that have suddenly stopped working, again, no apparent reason. I've got a washer that sounds as if it is about to go on strike, though truthfully, aside from the inconvenience, we are so due for a new set. The energy we waste alone makes me wonder why Al Gore isn't picketing on my lawn.

So, with all this to do, I'm here talking to you. I just needed a momentary break of sanity before I go back out to the war.

Oh, and my biggest screw up of late?

Came back from Virginia to the most lovely package of hand-knit socks (Also the latest package from blue moon) with candy from Finland. Strange. Why would someone have sent me socks. Oh, that's right, because you signed up for Sockapalooza 4 and due to the fact that you never got your pal's info and then promptly forgot about the swap, you now have a pair of socks and somewhere in the world is some other lovely person with cold toes and a bitter look on their face. So, now that I just five minutes ago received the appropriate pal information due to the ever patient and all-knowing Alison of the blue blog, I will be knitting socks ASAP. The fact that my knitting has been totally off this summer notwithstanding, I have to move my butt. But, at least, I am blogging again and pictures will soon follow.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

What better news to wake me from my lazy summer, no blogging doldrums, than Karl Rove is resigning. Yes, that's right, resigning! Shout it loud, say it proud, ding dong the witch is dead. My children thought I had lost my mind as I giddily pranced around the house singing the song. And to resign, with the oh so trite, I want to spend more time with my family, really, is there anything better?

I'm not sure if it has been my disgust with the news or my avoidance of the news that has produced such radio silence in me. I was at the point that it felt as if there was no point in continuing to be inside the handbasket screaming my head off.

But, today, I feel revived. I almost feel hopeful. I feel as they must have felt when that giant head of Saddam's came down in pieces.

Wow, if the emperor was naked before Rove resigned, just imagine the possibilities of utter stupidity in the next few weeks. Lewis Black is smiling somewhere.