Sunday, April 23, 2006

Blue Sky Cotton

In case any of you are in the market, Kaleidoscope Yarns is selling Blue Sky Cotton at 20% off this week. The code for the sale is BSC20. Happy Shopping!


Holly in CT said...

Your daughters' debute picture is adorable. Save it, you may want it when she makes the big time. Sorry you missed the Yarn Harlot at WEBS (due to Orthodox Easter). She was a SCREAM! LOLROF and all that. Plus I purchased nearly 4 pounds of yarn (yes pounds) for under $35.00. You know you have a stash problem when you buy yarn by the pound!

Eleni said...

I'm sorry I missed it to. And way JEALOUS (not even envious) of the four pounds of yarn! Would love to say I will see you Thursday, but it is looking doubtful!