Friday, April 07, 2006

"Kata" Felicity Scarf

This is the famous 6.5 month late birthday scarf. I LOVE how it came out. This was my first lace, so naturally I am very proud. I love the way it drapes in the frenchy knot. The pattern is from the book "Mindful Knitting," which does not have a ton of patterns. But, if you are interested in the idea of using knitting as a meditative activity, it's really interesting.

Funny enough that the scarf was so late. Funnier still that the recipient, Robin, got it at all. Why you ask? Well, Tuesday I was so proud of myself that I had the right address (on the second attempt), had it in a priority mail envelope, and took it to the actual post office instead of mailing it from my mailbox that I couldn't even fathom until TWO DAYS LATER that I placed no postage on the envelope. How did I know that? Easy. Sabrina was pulling apart my wallet yesterday and there were four priority mail envelope stamps instead of three.

The irony is that it arrived in Virginia yesterday, without any postage, and without any postage due. Her Christmas card was one digit off on the zip code and it didn't arrive until the week of St. Patrick's Day. I'm not kidding. I'm apparently incapable of mailing anything to her without some sort of drama. Go figure.

And one last aside, you know you want to knit way too much when you are in the eye doctor's office, eyes FULLY DILATED and you are still knitting away on the blanket you so desperately need to finish. So bear with me on my typing and spelling today because four-and-a-half hours later, I still look high as a kite.


Holly in CT said...

Nothing wrong with knitting with dialated eyes. i do it all the time. Not that my eyes get dialated that often but I always knit when they are being done.

benatt06 said...

This gorgeous scarf was knitted in my 30th birthday honor and I must say it's gorgeous and so soft. I love it! And I love its creator!

KnitPastis said...

Wow! I love this scarf, the yarn & the color! I keep looking for an easy first pattern for exactly what you made but I want it to be wide enough to use as a wrap. I am writing this one down.