Saturday, April 29, 2006

Three more FO's

I figured since I didn't have that many photos this week, you might want to see some of the items I've recently finished. The first was actually a Christmas present for Callista, the mistake rib scarf with two alternating skeins of Noro Kureyon. Very cool, and the response from her was the best part.

Our second finished object I actually completed a while ago also, but forgot to take a picture of them. The ghetto fab knitted flip-flops. These are on my best friend, Erika's feet. Callista has a matching pair which is fairly amusing. I knit tons of these flip-flops last summer, but I must say, I think this pair came out the best.I think it was fun fur of some sort, but I know I mixed something else in there and can't remember now what it was.

And the third, I actually took off of the needles today. It is a dupe of one that I made for my mom to go with her socks. Perfect color for Erika. So, I finished it up (my distraction project) and gave it to her today. This was fun to knit because it wasn't your typical novelty scarf. It's actually Cotton Classic (love that it's made in Greece) and the other is Crystal Palace (whose name is escaping me, more later).

I've finished about 13 inches on the front of Allen's sweater. It's slow progress, but it's going okay, and I am almost halfway through the Chevron scarf. I hope to have a decent photo of that to post this week. I'm thinking maybe I need to post a progress bar for all the projects that are on my needles.

And fyi folks, Kaleidoscope Yarns has a 30% discount on Berroco chinchilla this week (code chin30). It's kind of in the fug category, but we all need a little fug in our life once in a while. In case, it's what you need, hope you save a bit to spend somewhere else!

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