Tuesday, May 09, 2006

We interrupt this blog . . .

Actually, I feel I've interrupted the blog. The past few days have been crazy. The Walk Against Hunger on Sunday was great. Perfect weather! And I am so proud of my team...together we raised over $6300 and we had 11 team members. You can still donate by clicking on the link in the right column. No donation too small!

I got a little sick Sunday night and had a migraine for the majority of yesterday afternoon and evening, so that limited my functionality a bit! And today it's been doctor's appointments and early dismissal, parent conference and gymnastics! Where does the time go?

I'm putting together a video slideshow for C's school so that's going to take more of my time in the next week than I would like (only because I would rather be knitting).

I'm psyched because I am attending the Candace Eisner Strick workshop this Saturday at Sit-N-Knit . It's six hours of Tips and Tricks of the Trade. . . and as we know, I can use all the help I can get! The class is sold out and I am looking forward to meeting some new knitters while I am there.


jaqic said...

I love Boston Legal. It doesn't get the highest ratings or the lowest right in the middle. It makes you think about what is going on around you. I did not know anything about the Global gag until last night.
Saturday is going to be awesome at Sit N Knit.

Eleni said...

See, and the problem is, you watch the show, and you know it's fiction so you think, okay the "truth" is stretched here. And then you google Global Gag Rule and there it is in black and white, and you get that nauseated feeling.