Friday, May 12, 2006

A couple of FO's

When ponchos were all the rage last year, I knit one for S and for C. C's didn't have any fringe (a point I still hear about and may eventually have to rectify), so I include a photo here for your perusal. We've had so many compliments on it lately and, of course, because it's over a year old, I have the "that old thing?" attitude about it. But, it was easy. A Berroco pattern with their Lullaby yarn (which is kind of a PIA to work with, though not as irritating as the Cotton Twist I am using right now--the yarn that thinks its job is to split while I am knitting). I made one as an auction item for C's school also.

And the second item, and clearly more adorable due to the model, is the Umbilical Cord hat from the Stitch N Bitch book. I can't remember the specific yarn name, but I know it was a Lorna's Laces. And the great thing about the pattern and yarn to me was that due to the fact she has such a nicely shaped head and the yarn is elastic, she has gotten more than 6 months out of wearing it. How many baby hats can attest to that! The hat knits up super fast which is always a bonus when you are behind, yet again, on a new baby project.

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