Friday, May 26, 2006

Swatch this!

I have swatched both the linen stitch and the stockinette stitch twice already for my Socks that Rock pattern of the month. I'm getting a little irritated because I just want to start them already!!!! But, at least, since the yarn is so awesome, I am getting joy out of the colors and texture. I bought some size 1's today hoping that at least one of the stitches will gauge up correctly on those because after that I will have to order if I want to get smaller needles. Luckily there is a great online source (overseas) that has less expensive Addi's and fast shipping. So, if you are looking for teeny needles and want them quickly, go see Astrid.

A promise for a photo of the head scarf later. DH is finally home long enough to take one for me!


Jo said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I hate, I mean HATE swatching! Luckily, I seem to knit to guage most of the time...or I frog alot, take your pick!
I read your post about the ball winder...I fixed that problem....My DH (can be useful, sometimes) cut a 1x6 board about 4 feet long...long enough to lay across my kitchen table with a little overhang on both sides. I can secure both my swift and winder to opposite sides and wind my heart out without danger of the thing flying off the beveled edge of the table! It breaks down in a matter of seconds and stores in a closet, easily. My 9 year old even painted mine!


Eleni said...

But, it's just not fair. I am so over this swatch! I have decided to just go with it as it is because I don't really think going to the 0's is going to make that much of a difference. And I would knit tighter but wow what a transition it is already to the 1's which I have never used before. I typically do my socks on 2's or 3's no matter what they call for.

I'm wondering now why the ball winder flew off when I don't have a bevled edge....hmmmm....if you have a picture, email it to me cause I am having a hard time picturing it exactly. Do you have to weight the wood down or is it heavy enough on its own? I have to go buy some wood to make raised beds in the garden anyway so I am thinking I'll just grab a 1 x 6 when I am there. Enough thinking out loud for one post.