Sunday, May 28, 2006

Here's what's growing at my house

Since that last post was so text heavy, I thought you deserved flowers for putting up with it. So, here's what's currently blooming at my house. The first azalea I only include because it's one of the ones I vented about earlier, one of six that the deer chewed on all winter because I was a fool and didn't wrap them. I point this out because as you can see, all bloom and no leaves.
And just to prove that the deer are selective (and stupid), here's one from the front yard that I wish they would have touched because I have decided that regardless of the fact this color is currently existing in nature, it shouldn't.

On to more beautiful things, like my Beverly Sills bearded iris. I planted these suckers two years ago, and this is the first year they look decent. Sadly, something, a child, a pet, or an interloper stepped on one of the other stalks that had three potential blooms on it. Despite me bringing it in and trying to nurse it towards a bloom, I think the shoot was broken too early and I am going to have to give it up and throw it out.
I also have these fab hot pink rhodies in the front yard that are making me want to get my dye out and try to duplicate it. I'm thinking gloves because nothing cheers me more on a winter day than hot pink (well, maybe a hot toddy). When I was growing up in Virginia, we really only had rhodies in a sort of bland lilac but I loved them not knowing that someday I would have access to these hot pink ones.
I also have some bleeding heart that's on it's last legs but still divine, some sort of mystery creeper with delicate white flowers (definitely not phlox, but probably in the family) and a bunch of other darlings waiting to join the party. There's this enormous clematis bloom just kicking in to high gear that I can't wait to photograph when it is at its peak. Tomorrow I must fertilize and weed (ugh!), but now I am off to start the linen stitch cuff of the socks!

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jaqic said...

That is what might of happened to my plants also, the deer. The deer is my neighborhood got uprooted when a development went under construction last year and the deer had no where to go but into the nearby yards. My light pink one also was not eaten, maybe they do not like that color.