Monday, May 15, 2006

The embroidery

I am such a proud mama. I'm not sure why this year's pillows are so much smaller, but check out the braid stitch and all the new detail!

I've been working on my top secret project a ton. I don't know if I disclosed this before, but it involves 1800 beads. I had not done beadwork prior to this and I love it. Though it's kind of heavy, I really like how it is turning out. I just have to find someone at the end to help me with a sewing portion that I do not know how to do myself.

I'm also thinking about changing up C's dress a little more. I have already decided to knit in some beads at the bottom of it instead of doing big ribbons. But now that I know how to do a Latvian braid, I am thinking that maybe I will do a little Latvian braid at the bottom of it and then work the beading in somehow. A little knowledge in my hands is a dangerous thing!

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Holly from Bristol said...

The pillows look great! Please tell C that she has done a fabulous job with the embroidery!