Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My UK sock yarn is here!

Love this, love this, love this. I spent way too much on the Opal, but it is hand-painted. (ah, smell that justification, because you know, I have absolutely no knittable sock yarn in my stash.) I purchased it on eBay from the lovely Catherine. She's got quite the nice stash of sock yarn!

And I know I am a sock yarn tramp of the first order, but I confess, my dad is about to drop off yarn my mom brought back from Frankfurt. Try not to be bitter, I'm sure there is plenty of your yarn I covet as well.


Lindsay said...

just happened here blog surfing. i crochet, and am TRYING to get the hang of knitting. that yarn is beautiful. you can find some fabulous hand-spun and hand-painted wools at etsy.com as well. i am just looking for some excuse to spend that much on one skein of wool.

Eleni said...

I know right? And I know that other than people who knit or crochet no one would understand how you could spend that much on something that you then have to actually work into something (meaning not something already made). Yeah, etsy has some cool stuff. Unfortunately, they sold out of Scout's Swag before I could get to it.