Thursday, May 04, 2006

My mama, the yarn pusher

This isn't the greatest picture of the fab yarn that mom brought back from Frankfurt. Just over $7 a ball for Rainforest Opal? I must bow down and kiss her feet. I'm psyched too because when Opal comes out with the new line of Rainforest Yarn, I hope to send her back for that as well. The colorways are Chameleon, Flamingo, Parrot (Toucan?), and Ladybug. Really interesting colorways. They're getting me inspired to dye my sock yarn for the Dye-o-rama!


Robin's Donna said...

Great yarn score! Go, Mama! Have you seen the new Opal Rosehips -- I just bought some here (more enabling!),+Hagebutte+(Rosehips)

BTW, the LYS I wrote about on KR is the one I told you I couldn't recommend. Now you know why I don't recommend it, huh? I love talking in vague terms online -- not going to name names but you don't know which one I mean, email me.

Eleni said...

The new Opal Rosehips are amazing. I got some hand-dyed (see the previous post) this week. I just want to rub it up against my feet so they will have happy dreams.