Sunday, May 21, 2006

These socks rock!

Due to my extraordinary hangover yesterday, (which I can't quite figure out why it was so bad) I was unable to blog.

But, I am back and have to share with you that I just got my first shipment from Blue Moon Fiber Arts and their Socks that Rock club. I opened up my package and found the following:

Love the binder that holds all kinds of great info and a really cool free pattern. I have a Socks that Rock! button which I am sure C will confiscate immediately. The bumper sticker that I will have to find a home for (really I should give it to my best friend, who is not a knitter, but is dedicated every day to wearing mismatched socks). The cutest mini-skein of sock yarn and of course the sock yarn in Fairgrounds! Awesome! I'm going to have to swift this yarn up immediately to enjoy the yarn cake all the more.

I'm psyched to see how awesome the other shipments are. I also have some dye work to show, but will have to get that in later as I promised C she could use the computer! (spellchecker isn't working, so my apologies if my internal spellchecker screwed up in this entry)


aija said...

Those are going to be some rockin socks :)

Eleni said...

I kneel at the SockPr0n altar. :)