Monday, May 29, 2006

Busy little beaver

I was a good girl and started my socks last night. And here are the first three inches of the cuff to prove it. I can't believe how many people who are already either finished with the socks or almost finished with the socks according to the Sock Club KAL. I'm loving the linen stitch and already thinking about other ways to use the stitch. I'm thinking towels. Or maybe a tissue box cover. I have this sick need to make at least some of what I knit more useful and something I can see in the house at all times.

I got up early early this morning to get outside and do something, anything. I finally felt well enough to do more than complain about my head. So, out the door to lay down the grub ex in the yard, the meadow, every last ever-loving bare spot of grass that I could find. Cause those little bastards are everywhere, which also means that I have moles, cause they are eating the grubs, just not fast enough :) Took an hour and at eight a.m. it was hotter than hell, or I should say more humid than hell. Rotten. But, I pressed on. Got some hosta and some hydrangea moved to their new homes (right before the deer end up eating all of my hosta, I figure I'd like to see them at least). The girls were happy today in the yard because we found two ladybugs, an inchworm (yes, we sang the song), and this pretty cool toad. He's living in a stump from an oak tree we had to cut down due to proximity to the house. There's a nice hole in the middle of rot where it's shady and damp and the perfect toad house. He's quite the jumper, and I know that because I picked him up and the little bugger tried to get away from me multiple times.

And I weeded, I weeded a whole darn lot. The problem for me is that my garden beds are way too big and daunting. After five hours in the garden (granted, not all of them spent weeding), I only had weeded the front of one of my major beds. But, at least it's done, I put down the weed preventer and hopefully at least the front of the bed is good for another month. I'm dreaming a bit here, but I have to after all those hours. The strawberries are really ripening nicely, the broccoli doesn't look great, but there is still time and I have some hopeful looking carrots. We'll see. But, when I saw this clematis bloom today, I had that "it's all worth it moment."

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