Sunday, May 28, 2006

The curious incident of the pull-up in the nighttime

I've been sick since Tuesday with this cold from hell that is going from bad to worse. I'm also not a great patient, so it probably is me saying it's worse than it is. I've been doping with Zicam Extreme Sinus (the equivalent of firecrackers going off in your sinuses: painful but effective) and DayQuil/NyQuil depending on the hour. I confess I have medicine head and this week has not been the greatest for my decision making skills.


Last night, I was getting the girls ready for bed. Daughter #2, S, is not quite potty-trained. Mostly it's a #2 issue and I'm starting to panic a little because she is going to school in the fall, and we just aren't there yet. She'll be three in July and this just seems to be taking an extraordinary amount of time, not to mention effort on both of our parts. But, I digress.

So, I am getting the girls ready for bed. S goes to the potty, C goes to the potty. I put a pull-up on S and put her in bed. I go off to do something and see that it appears she has gone again in the pull-up (unusual, but whatever) so i take that one off, I throw it out and then I put the new pull-up on her. Reading, snuggling, prayers, whining, and they're in dreamland.

I wait for DH to return from his evening trip to Home Depot. We watch some TV, I continue on my now endless quest to swatch correctly the Socks that Rock pattern of this month. Seriously? Seriously. I am getting to the point of madness on these little f'ers. I have the linen stitch to 30 stitches on size 1's and I think that is just going to have to do so I can start these darn things. Besides the 0's and 00's won't be arriving from Astrid until sometime next week.

Again, I digress. Around 11 ish I am ready to go to bed, hopped up on Nyquil and I decide to honor my promise to the girls to move them into our bed to sleep. I admit it, I know the snuggling and the wanting to snuggle us is going to be coming to an end here, sooner than I want, so I take my opportunities when I have them. I go up, C wakes up enough to walk down the steps (which was pretty hysterical because she looked like one of my roommates in college after a night on the town all wobbly and babbly), and I am carrying S in my arms. I lay S down in the bed and realize she has no pull-up on. She's naked as a jaybird under her nightgown.

This gives me pause. As DH mentioned to me earlier in the day, there was a pull-up failure during nap time and she ended up leaking all over the bed (oh, and BTW, she's in panties the rest of the time just nap and bed time with the pull ups cause I don't love cleaning pee out of beds). I think to myself, "Self, I know you put a pull-up on her because I have such clear recollection of putting not one but two pull-ups on her prior to bedtime." Hmmmm....but as I am doped up on Nyquil, I really don't care enough to go up and figure out what happened to the pull-up. I put the third one on of the night and off to dreamland.

My curiosity overcame my laziness this morning and I went up to their room to discover a completely ripped-off pull-up on the floor next to the bed. So, no, I'm not crazy and I did put it on her.

But, this would explain why at one point after I put them to bed, she proceeded to scream bloody murder to try to get me to come upstairs. Naturally, I ignored it, and for the first time, not to my peril because thank the Gods, she didn't pee in the bed even after three hours of being au naturale.

Oh, and C woke up with pink eye, but hey, it's all par for the course right? After all, it is a holiday weekend. Hope you are enjoying yours.

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J. Denae said...

Hang in there, we've all been through some strange potty-training thing. My nephew refused to go in the potty, preferring to go in containers with lids and "save" them. This lasted for a LOT longer than it should have.

Hope you're feeling better!

J. Denae