Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The squeeze bottle yarn

Yet another go at dyeing yesterday. This time with the squeeze bottles and some Wilton color. I wish the picture did the beauty of the yarn justice. I used leaf green, violet, and golden yellow in a very small amount. I would say less than half a teaspoon. Probably more like a quarter of a teaspoon of the Wilton gel. Put it in the bottles with some warm water and then added vinegar (I had already soaked my yarn in vinegar and warm water). Linda was over again and she helped me figure out the how of what we wanted to do.

We planned on using Saran Wrap to lay the yarn on, then squirt the dye onto the yarn. We realized after the fact that instead of me laying out three big sheets of Saran, we should have had individual strips of Saran going around in a circle (underneath the yarn) in order to individually wrap each color section. But, I actually got kind of lucky the way I did it. When I added the vinegar to the violet, the squeeze bottle contents seemed to turn navy blue which was strange and unexpected. The golden yellow, stayed golden yellow, and the green was pretty damn green.

We saturated the yarn with color, gently tossed the Saran-wrapped yarn into a plastic container and into the microwave it went. Two minutes on, two minutes off for 10 minutes or so. And the blue went back to purple as you can see and I only had one section of gold that looked a little tie-dyed because of how it was laying in the Saran. A little bit of green in the gold, but not a big deal.

I think I want to call the yarn either Iris for it's natural namesake or Jerry Garcia Iris because of the tie dye!

I've almost finished with the chevron head scarf, and I am very happy with how it is turning out. I'm only making it as long as I want it because the pattern is just too long for what I want it for. The Koigu was an expensive but nice choice and I hope to post a picture very soon of me wearing it.

I think I'll go wind up my Socks that Rock yarn because I just can't wait any longer! Too pretty!


aija said...

Nice! I think I've got to try some of the Wilton's ... seeing so much of it lately on the dyeorama swap and yours looks great :)

Eleni said...

There was an interesting post today on the KR though that for some reason the Wilton dye isn't "light fast" which is upsetting to me because I love the colorway that I got and would hate for it to change dramatically. And supposedly, it has nothing to do necessarily with exposure to direct sunlight, just fades. I find this hard to believe because in a past life I was a cake decorator and it's not like the dye comes off easily plus it would always dry darker in the icing than it seemed when you first finished the cake. I know, one doesn't really have anything to do with the other, but still.