Saturday, May 13, 2006

Candace Eisner-Strick

If you don't know her name, you should get to know it. I attended an awesome workshop with her today at Sit N Knit in West Hartford. She was kind enough to teach us her workshop, "25 Tips and Tricks of the Trade." It was a good six hours of instruction and I am truly exhausted.

But, there were so many "lightbulb moments." We learned to knit backwards, we learned to do some really interesting ways to increase and decrease. We learned something called the Latvian Braid, which I assure you is easier than it sounds, but not so easy towards the end of six hours of instruction. We did the invisible cast-on which I wasn't very familiar with, a two-color cast-on and too many things for me to remember right now. I've got to get out my notes to really do all of it justice. Imagine cabling without a cable needle!!!

The good news is, if you don't get to one of her classes, you can at least buy one of her patterns from your LYS. Demand that they carry her if you don't live near WH and can't get to Sit N Knit. She has this line of yarn, Merging Colors, that is really amazing. Of course, I had to buy one kit. What I really want is some of her sock patterns (I think the store will be getting them soon). The socks are too fun! Amazing use of color in the design.

I'll post some pics tomorrow of the kit. And I have to post a picture of the most adorable mother's day present ever from C.

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jaqic said...

Yes it was a great workshop. I alreay started the shawl. I also bought the scarf kit. Sit and Knit will be getting the sock patterns and I cannot wait. They were soooo cute.