Saturday, June 03, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Due to the incredibly vicious storms that blew through here Thursday night and early Friday morning, I had no internet service yesterday. Had not power for almost 12 hours either, but you know the computer was the bigger deal. We have a generator, but not everything is attached, blah, blah blah. Anyway, I finished my first cuff of the Socks that Rock and am working on the second one now. Too cool! I completed my first picot edge and my button holes (though I opted out of the one row button hole) look nice if I do say so myself. I started looking at buttons for the sock, but I'm not sure yet what direction I want to go with those yet. Something funky and fun I think to match the mood of the socks.
I can't wait to get started on the actual sock part, but I have to get those needles first! The WS looks very cool to me. The purls almost ended up making a rib pattern (whether or not they were supposed to is another story). And I just love, love, love the colors, don't you?
I've got to get my butt to the post office today to mail my Dye-o-rama pal her yarn. Enough already with the procrastinating! Can't wait to see what she says about it and what she posts about it on her blog. I've got to get moving on my One Skein swap pal also. Have to pick out the skein for June and start thinking about what I will make for August.


J. Denae said...

Fantastic socks! The pattern looks like a mini-Crusoe (from Knitty)I can't wait to see pictures when you're done.


aija said...

I think the construction on these is so neat... can't wait to see the buttons you choose too :)

jodi said...

Before you decide, make sure to check out Zecca buttons...the designs are whimsical (who needs serious socks?) and the colors would work great with your yarn.

Nit One Perl Two said...

I am so happy I found your site. It appears we have more in common than knitting! I'll let you know when I complete the "world renound" triple lindee patern. It will be soon!

Holly in CT said...

I have 2 projects on the needles and looking at your socks makes me want to immediately cast on! I wonder if I can use the linen stitch for the cuffs and just skip the buttons?