Friday, June 16, 2006

Blooming this week

Just so you can see that it has finally stopped raining here (and is rapidly approaching the 90 degree mark), I thought I would share with you some of what's going on in the garden. Look for Toady in the lettuce, he's almost completely hidden! I harvested a ton of lettuce this morning to take to VA for my mom and family. Can't beat totally fresh lettuce. I'm a little bummed because I know that some of my bulbs, etc. are going to be blooming over the next week and I may miss them, but hopefully there will be something left to photograph at the end.

I'm amazed that the irises bloomed at all because I was a naughty girl and failed to move them in august when I was supposed to and split them rather clumsily this spring. I had so many that I had to divide them up into at least 10 clumps....that's what years of neglect will get you!

The white begonia (which I must say is totally spectacular) I started indoors over the late winter early spring and I thought that perhaps I wasn't going to have any luck with them. And then voila! The blooms started appearing last week, but didn't open up until this week. Very cool.


aija said...

Beautiful! Its been so on & off gloomy here, I love seeing the color :)

Robin's Donna said...

I've been busy with the end of the school year and moving my 87 year old mother so I haven't commented. But I have been reading your adventures. Hope you are having a nice trip.

Eleni said...

Donna, so glad you still read! Any time for an hour of knitting this week? I'm sorry I don't have your email with me so I am slightly useless!