Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Gay marriage (again)

Is it me or is it just absolutely silly that we even have to talk about this issue? The senate voted down the moronic amendment to the Constitution today by a measly vote. One vote. I'm amazed anyone even had time to show up for voting whilst worrying about whether or not the FBI might hit their office in their absence. (I'm not even going to give myself the opportunity to go into a full-blown digression on this one, you can thank me later).

I spoke to my grandfather about this issue today. He's 81. And a democrat. And one of the most honest, upstanding people I know. And in his typical, non-judging fashion, he said, hey "I don't really want to watch two men kiss but who really cares if they want to get married? It has nothing to do with my life." Exactly.

First, there is the argument that if they are allowed to get married, it will undermine the instituion. Cause you know, the institution has been doing so well on its own these past few millenia. There's a lot more freaky sh$$ going on in hetero marriages than probably 99% of homosexual relationships. Gay marriage could only improve the numbers if you ask me. It would probably lower the divorce rate.

Second, why now? We're talking thousands of years of gays coexisting with straights. I'm Greek, we invented the "gay thing." Oh, right, I forgot, while our young people are dying over in Iraq, our economy is going to hell again, gas prices soaring, Iran trying to go nuclear and well, you know that little immigration problem, I totally get why this is our biggest problem. Hell, it's the biggest problem facing humanity isn't it?

Third, I think it was a Senator (again, who are these people?) who made the suggestion that next people will want to marry their pets or their kids. Do I even need to make a comment on this one ? I'm just trying to figure out how people like this make it out of their houses in the morning. They must have some kind of helper standing by. "Good morning sir, don't forget to take your enormous ego, your sense of entitlement and your bigotry with you to the senate floor today. Wouldn't want the other boys laughing at you."


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Preach it, sistah!

(Dye buddy)

Holly said...

Yep. Yep. And Yep, again. Complete idiots running the country. I just heard today the the Republicans were patting themselves on the back for passing a bill that added $100 to each pell grant. Hmm...if I were a science student that would buy me 3/4 of one textbook. Yay! But I'm not a science student--just a grad student and, well, that $100 won't go very far for me either. Anyways, enough of my ranting. Thanks for the compliment on my hand-dyed yarn. You are sweeter than the sugar on my cereal. P.S. I cloned Lucy, not stole her!

jaqic said...

Gays should be able to get married. What upsets me is that the state of CT can allow gays couples who live together to be on the other's medical insurance policies but hetrosexual couples who are not married can not but will not let them marry. Let gay couples get married and have the same advantages as married hetros.

Anonymous said...

You forgot about the flag burning issue the Republican's are trying to make a big issue. The reality is that the world is going to h$ll in a handbasket because we have a idiot as president. The Republican party is simply trying to distract the public with irrelevant crap so we don't focus on the real issue: IMPEACH DUBYA!

Eleni said...

flag burning, estate tax, we could go on and's just getting to be ridiculous. I have cousins who are misled republicans and now all of a sudden they're at the party with the rest of us complaining about W. Again, seems to be that the Kool Aid is running out for all the repubs who voted for him but aren't a part of the Christian coalition.