Monday, June 05, 2006

Technical Difficulties, round two (aka Comcast is a big fat stinker)

Seriously, my cable connection was out again today (maybe yesterday by the time I actually get to post this as I am working offline. So I have no idea if anyone is talking about the cuff of the socks. I can’t post my weekly, what’s blooming in my garden shots. IÂ’s all terribly frustrating. I’ve run around all day like an absolute lunatic. It’s amazing how much I am getting finished around the house when I can’t obsessively check my email, sitemeter, KR and other people’s blogs! Arrrgghh!

I really want to go to the Fabric Place in Cromwell. I’ve got chairs that need to be recovered. They were kitchen chairs and now they are just a mess (or a PWT dream depending on your point of view; I’m thinking of doing a post just on abbreviations because I realize that sometimes I use abbreviations that ya’ll just don’t get). I want to get some sort of (unless it’s hideous looking) indoor/outdoor fabric because the chairs are wicker and now that they are no longer in my kitchen, I think outdoors is the place for them. I also have to recover the random chair that my MIL gave me right after we got married. I never loved the fabric colors, but then one of the kids got something on the fabric which I could not remove so, might as well cover that while I am at it. I’ve never been to this store before but have heard great things. That will have to be my DIY project for the week.
My Yiayia is in town so she can help keep an eye on S while I get some things finished!

Well, since I can’t blog, I must knit (and go through back issues of cooking light for the past five years in an attempt to make room for more yarn).

And good news, I actually got my butt to the post-office and mailed my Dye-o-rama swap sock yarn! I cannot wait to see what her adorable blog has to say about it!

Update post comcast screw-up Thought I would throw in a couple of garden pictures to brighten the text. Enjoy.


J. Denae said...

Your strawberries are beautiful!!

handknitbyafailedfeminist said...

Hey, I think it might have been a blogger f up, since I couldn't post yesterday. BTW, your post looks like it was partially written in russian.

Eleni said...

Well the russian character part is blogger's problem which I am going to try to fix. But, I had no access to the Internet yesterday at all because of Comcast.

Holly in CT said...

Warning, warning....Fabric Place carries....yarn!

KnitPastis said...

Wow, I was just in my garden today and took the same photos of my strawberries..ate a few of them too!LOL Yours are beautiful!
Thanks for coming over and commenting on my blog!