Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lucy, resident genius

I know somewhere I have a picture of our cat, Lucy that I could post. Somewhere. Which basically means that I can't find it and can't get off of my a$$ to take one right now, additionally, she's eating so not in the mood for a photo. I completely forgot to post about this earlier so here I am now. But, I digress...

Last night at 2:49 a.m. I heard possibly the loudest MEOW ever, followed by a couple of smaller meows. I sat upright in bed because only recently has Lucy been allowed to wander the house at night. She's a mostly outdoor cat, except in the hell of winter here in CT when it would be inhumane to leave anything remotely alive out in the world. She usually lives in our oil room, but now I've grown progressively more attached so I let her roam around. Again, digression.

So, I hear the meowing and think she is on my bed (again, a new phenomenon for her) and realize within seconds that no, she isn't in my bed but the MEOW was loud because she managed to do it right next to the "baby" monitor in Sugar Bear and Mimi's room (we never used these things when they were actual babies but now that they are on the other end of the house, it makes me feel at least a little more secure; yeah, right). Smart ass cat if you ask me, making the meow right into the monitor. Then the next sound was Sugar Bear whispering, "Lucy, knock it off." Followed by, "Maaaaaahm, Lucy won't stop scratching at my covers." Right-o.

So, up I go to get rid of Lucy at which point I realize that Mimi is now awake as well and there is no getting either of them back to sleep without me. After 45 minutes of us all laying there pretending to be asleep, we gave up and came down to my bed. Of course, they went to sleep but not me because I had that damn Backyardigans song in my head from the Secret Agent episode (if you don't have kids, this is lost on you right now, but if you do, I hope you too will suffer the Sneaking and Hiding disease I had last night at 3:30 in the morning).

I must have finally gotten the song out of my head because I clearly remember having a dream after that in which I was hanging out with Rod Stewart and his latest chippy, explaining to him that DH and I often laugh about the fact that we used to have Beatles songs stuck in our heads and now it's the Backyardigans.

Can you tell I haven't had coffee in two days?


J. Denae said...

Last night was the night for celeb dreams... I had a dream that I had somehow gone back in time AND become friends with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston and was at their wedding begging him to be careful with his marriage because someday he was going to meet Angelina and leave Jen and then The Time Traveler's Wife would never be made into a movie.
Hope you get some real sleep tonight!

yarn_nut said...

I've had really weird dreams too. Once where I lost my teeth. I would bite into things and my teeth would just get loose and fall out. That's supposed to mean something but I don't know what. Thank goodness it's not true.

I love your blog by the way. I'm going to put it on my blog roll!z

Claire said...

Hey, long time no see - We'd still love to see you at SnB some Wednesday night!!

LOVE the Secret Agent ep of Backyardigans, only my daughter accidentally sang it "Sleeping and Hiding" one time, so that's what we call it now. ;-) We usually get the "Shh..Shhh...Secret....Shhh....Shhh....Secret Agent" part as the earworm, LOL!!! :-)

Eleni said...

Claire! Nice to see you! I'm hoping to get to SnB when I get back in town.