Saturday, June 24, 2006

Picture Day!

Finally, I am back at my own computer and can download all of the great vacation shots. I warn you, the fishing shots are graphic. Just so we're all clear, these guys were all catch and release (some of them were not so smart and became the benefactors of multiple catch and releases, but they go on to swim another day). I'm not showing you all of the fish anyway, lest we all get bored and click, click away.
I think I mentioned that we hit the National Zoo also. Such a great zoo, I mean, it's not San Diego, but it's still very large and they have some incredible exhibits. The zookeepers showed considerable interest in keeping Sugar Bear and Mimi, but I told them that at least until it is my decision to send them back to the zoo, I would keep my little animals on hand. I may regret this soon as it's early and I am already inundated with "what can I do questions?" Sugar Bear had a field day putting her hat on all of the statues and making me take pictures. I love her sense of humor and her sense of art :)

The last picture today requires a wee bit of explanation and is bound to offend someone. Lake Anna is a very rural community. When I got up to buy bait at the local general store/bait shop/gas station/health department, I walked in to a cloud of cigarette smoke. The woman behind the counter who was making breakfast sandwiches had a cigarette hanging out of her mouth with an extraordinarily long ash on the end (granny ash). This gives you the idea, I think of what the area is like. A couple of towns over from my mom and dad's place in Mineral is a town called, I kid you not, Bumpass. If you don't believe me, look it up. So, my parents were at Wal-Mart buying treats for the kids and they came across these fake teeth that seemed to have a good fit at Lake Anna. I only wish I had been wearing them when I bought my bait. Those are our friends who live at the lake year round in mom's neighborhood. It's fun for the girls to play with their two boys because each girl is only a month apart from their respective boys. (God, I need more coffee after this marathon vacay).


aija said...

Ooh, slimy fish :) They look so slick!

Sounds like a great time, teeth & all. :)

Holly from Bristol said...

Glad to hear that you had a great time on vacation! I always went fishing with my grandparents. It was tons of fun!