Monday, June 12, 2006

Blog rut

But, I swear I am coming out of it. First, let's start with Anne Coulter. Not like she deserves any more print, but for the love of God she is Satan. I don't think I really need to say anything more than that. Anyone who has the balls to criticize 9/11 widows, clearly Satan. Damn that liberal media.

Second, and more importantly, I bought new dye colors today. Haven't yet had the chance to try them out but I can't imagine them being anything but fabulous. I still have 1 lb. of yarn plus I also have a skein of merino left over from Knit Picks. I am hoping to get on this this week, but who knows? This is C's first week out of school, so anything can happen!

And on the daughter C front....she had her "Recognition Ceremony" on Friday as she gets ready to move from Kindergarten to first grade. It's a slightly big deal because if she was in a public K, she wouldn't be eligible for first grade for another year because her birthday is in January. We're very proud of how hard she has worked. The reading, the math, she's doing good work!

I've been happily working on my Rockin Sock Club Socks. I finished both cuffs just in time for my circular needles to arrive from Astrid. I'm doing the socks on size zero. It's shocking for me really as I have not done anything that small before.And I think the heel I am going to have to do on double zero's. Clearly I have lost my mind, but I am glad that for the first time ever I took the time to swatch for gauge on socks.

I also had quite the accident at AC Moore. I have no idea how all of this yarn ended up in my cart (though I suspect that the $1/ball had something to do with it). And what pray tell am I going to do with cheapsh$$ yarn?
Those faboo washcloths from Mason-Dixon Knitting. If you don't have this book, get it already, I'm tired of singing its praises.

I'll post some garden pictures tomorrow. I was too sad when I went to my strawberries and saw so many that had literally molded on the vine I couldn't bring myself to go much farther. That's what ridiculous, endless amounts of rain will do for your crops. The peas are fine and we had those in a delicious salad of our lettuce last night. (And our toady is back in our lettuce, happily burrowing away to stay cool).

And I have to get my a$$ in gear because I am also doing the newsletter this summer for our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm, George Hall Farm. I'm sure that I'm going to overextend myself on this one, but it's for a good cause!


aija said...

I love yarn in quantity :) (And all of those fab items from m&d knitting, too!)

There is something shocking to using US 0's, eh? DOUBLE 00's though?? Wow... was that the lightweight they sent with your pattern? I haven't used the LW str yet (YET!) ;)

J. Denae said...

I am all about the cheap cotton yarn!! I'm on my third wash cloth and I still have PLENTY of yarn from the 6 balls I bought the other day. I have all of these great projects on the needles with soft, expensive and delicate yarns and what am I addicted to? The washcloths in Mason Dixon Knitting.
P.S. My friend K and I are going to start Absorba the Great Bathmat next week! Woo hoo!