Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Best Dye-o-Rama Buddy Ever

That's right, be jealous, I have the best secret pal ever from Dye-o-Rama. I got some truly spectacular yarn in the mail today from Emy. I only wish that I had time today to take a picture in better lighting to do this yarn some true justice. If you click on her site, she has a really nice picture of it. And how cute is all the stuff in the package? Emy rocks! I think it goes without saying she is a Virgo :) Now I just have to find out when her birthday is!!!

And look at all the cool, color-coordinated swag it came with! Love the mini photo album, looking forward to taking all the candy on my VA road trip (We leave tomorrow) and who doesn't love a purple pen. And I can't wait to use the bath teabags. She knows I have kids!

I also want to give her a little plug, if you are into stamping or are just curious about it you need to check her site Stampin Up! Stamping with Emy. The card she sent was adorable and of course, stamped by herself!

I will not hold it against her that she went to William and Mary, but rather congratulate her on not killing herself. She should know what I mean! Go JMU Dukes!


Emy said...

HAHAHA...the whole suicide rate thing is very much an urban legend. Although there were days.... Still, all in all, GO TRIBE! ;)

Have fun in VA!

J. Denae said...

Wowie wow wow!! That IS great yarn!

Emy said...

Plus, how'd you know I was a Virgo but not know my birthday?!?!?!

Eleni said...

It says Virgo on your blogger profile silly! Mine is 9-7 and my husband is 9-12. So, when is yours?

The Purloined Letter said...

On my blog you asked about CSAs in the DC/MD area. If you'll send me your email address, I'll forward a write up on local options, including where we belong. Thanks!