Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The agony of De Feet

Seriously with this padded heel on these socks. Due to the fact that I had to knit the other portions of the stockinette on 0's I started to do the heel on 00's. Now that I have a nasty case of arthritis and carpal tunnel, I'm switching back to the 0's. It's a negligible difference which is a very good thing as I am way too lazy this week to frog out the approximately 10 rows I completed on the heel in the smaller size. Have you frogged anything on 0's or 00's lately, hell on earth with the dropped stitches. Even tinking out hurts my head to think about. I do love the padding of the heel though so I should not complain too much. It's all adjustment on my part. And, at least I will not have to make the same mistake when I get to the second sock. Trying to finish the heel tonight so that I can keep on rolling. That or to finish the Top Secret Project .

I've decided to nickname the kids for the purpose of blogging, though it's not exactly like I am hiding their identities when I post pics of them. Daughter number one (aka C) will heretofore be known as Sugar Bear and daughter number two (aka S) will be known as Mimi (short for Screaming).

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J. Denae said...

I have been dealing with the whole "how much to reveal" issue too(hence the "Bean" rather than real name). I posted my first kid pic today but you can't see her face. Since I work in Public Radio it would be a really simple thing to track me down if I listed my city (or even my state)... not that I think anyone is going to track me down... but who can be too careful
Love the socks - and I am partial to the padded heels too!