Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Alpaca envy

I mentioned in an earlier post that I am writing the newsletter for my local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), George Hall Farm. I showed up with the kids yesterday morning to speak with George's nephew about the newsletter and was greeted by the site of 4 beautiful Alpacas recently shorn and looking so totally adorable. Sadly, my camera was charging at home so I didn't get any shots of them (one of them is named Flanders, I just love it), but I promise to do that soon. The farm is awesome, chickens running everywhere with guinea hens, their little chicks all over the place. I even spotted two Angora rabbits though that is one fiber I am not currently coveting. Interesting that at least so far, the Alpacas only have bottom teeth, but they have an apparently wicked kick with their cloven hooves. I'm going to see if at some point, the woman planning to spin it will either let me watch or purchase some of the final product. I'm becoming an Alpaca stalker.


J. Denae said...

I've been trying to get my husband to let me buy an Alpaca for months now... I keep telling him that an Alpaca (or sheep even) would eat the grass in the yard and he wouldn't have to mow. "Honey," he says patiently, "we live in the city. We can't have and Alpaca." I want one named Fluffy Bob and one named Moe. ~le sigh~

aija said...

Alpaca restraining orders... I can see it :) Good luck snagging some local fiber!

Jill said...

I might be on my way to becoming an Eleni the blog! I'm so glad you stopped by mine, giving me the chance to find yours!