Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More on yesterday

I really have no idea why it is that I am knitting these socks on such small needles. The first year and a half of my knitting (remember, I have only been doing this since spring 2004), I was the girl who always had to go up at least 2 sizes for what seemed like every single project. And the suggested sizes for this sock were 5's for the cuff, 2's for the foot and 1's for the heel (an approximation of what the pattern actually says). I had to do the cuff on 1's. I'm doing the first part of stockinette on 0's and now I think I will have to do the heel on 00's. I've lost my mind. Really, it's only because I have never done anything on needles that small, my hands just feel a little man-hands in the process. Meaty. In fact I could seriously injure someone with the 00's. Way pointy on the ends. I poked myself putting the stuff away last night!

And due to the fact that I am unable to stop talking about super-girl-daughter-number-two and her amazing pull-up adventures . . . she did it again last night. The girls are having some adjustment issues this week because my grandparents and mother were here all off last week so they had mucho attention compounded by the fact that this is callista's first week off from school. Last night was the "I'm going to pretend I have to barf so that mommy or daddy will take pity on me and let me sleep in their bed" night. That was a no go. C came crying downstairs (and hour after they were supposed to be asleep) that she was afraid that S was going to yak all over her. When I went upstairs to see if there was any legitimacy to the claim (since it's been going around school), I picked up a hysterical S in the hallway to find naked buns in my arms. In the middle of her hysterics, I say, "Wait a minute here, you have no pull-up on" and she, waiting for my reaction, bursts out into what can only be called maniacal laughter. She's the laugh with your whole body kind of girl, so needless to say, I laughed with her. It's really hard not to.

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