Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's official

I really have lost my mind. I had a discussion with Holly and Emy and Linda about not having the Sensational Knitted Socks book. Of course, when I saw what the cover looked like, I could feel my lobotomy lifting just the slightest bit, and I thought, "Self, get thee to the knitting bookshelf!" So, yeah, I have the book (insert extraordinarily sheepish grin). So, no Emy, you can't get it for our birthday. (I'm not letting the day apart thing get in the way)
And now for some long lost WIPs. I don't think I have ever had two projects more in need of blocking. First, I am knitting the lacy airy scarf (I don't think that is the official title) from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for my One Skein Secret Pal. I heart this Knit Picks yarn, Alpaca Cloud. It's sha-weet. It's knitting up rather quickly, but as I mentioned, in desperate need of a good blocking. That sounds so dirty.

Secondly, we have this Maggi Knits linen washcloth. I love knitting with the linen. Picked it up at Sit N Knit during the sale (sadly, it was not on sale). But, I am not loving the pattern. In fact, I am not loving it so much it's almost a guarantee, that it will end up being for my own face.
I had picked dark colors because I was thinking that since I don't take my make-up off prior to washing my face, I won't care if I get dark patches on the washcloth. Now, I just think the colors look muddy, but again, it's a warshcloth, so who really cares about color? It will be in my bathroom where no one dares to go!

And finally, yet another Mason-Dixon ball band dish cloth. This one is fun because it's with Cotton Classic and the colors are cool. I think this dish cloth is going to end up a hand towel. When I was on the Mason-Dixon KAL earlier, I saw someone who got carried away and just kept going until it was hand towel length and I love it. We'll see if I can part with it. Probably not.

Lastly, the Top Secret project is almost finished. I am taking it to the SnB tonight to finish it or at least get a lot further to finishing it. It is getting gifted next week so I will finally be able to post a picture of it. Hope it photographs better when it is finished and in situ because when I did the old flat on the table picture, not so much.


Laura said...

What colorway is the variegated you are using for that dishcloth? I love it!

Emy said...

I am so amused. :)

(Because I'm guilty of the same sort of thing. Just placed a stamp order this morning, and realized an hour after I closed it that I'd ordered a duplicate of an ink cartridge. *sigh*)

Holly in CT said...

Glad you found the book. Unfortunately, after I got mine in my meanderings I clicked on Amazon and found I could have gotten the book along with a second sock book for the same price. Oh well I am not a very patient person.

Claire said...

So, that Mason-Dixon Knitting book is worth having?

Btw, this is me, Cori - "Claire" is my Blog name. :-)

Here's the link for you!

Claire said...

Maybe THAT worked...?