Friday, July 07, 2006

It's not Just Me

Last night on Larry King, there was an "exclusive" interview with W in which Larry asked him about Lieberman. Something to the effect of, "You like him don't you." And the President basically said that he wasn't going to go as far to endorse him because he didn't want to give Lieberman the "kiss of death" (And I think I am accurately quoting him). How bad is it when you're the President and you know your endorsement could sink someone? Bushy is dying for Joey to get re-elected because of the hawk factor. Nauseating. Really. Nauseating.


April said...

Can barely stand it.
Did you watch Lieb. v. Lamont debate??
Aside from the commentary regarding Lamont's clothes,hair,etc. I don't think he did too bad. Certainly put Lieberman out there as the arrogant ass he's become.
God I love good politics...hasn't been this much fun to watch since our beloved John Rowland...!

J. Denae said...

But isn't it a good sign that he does have SOME contact with reality?? Only 2 more years!!