Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Damaged Goods

Well, if it weren't official before, I definitely lost my mind at the hurt book sale at Interweave. To detail the extent of my insanity, this is what I picked up (the prices were ridiculous, but their server definitely had some issues):

The Children's Collection

A Dyer's Garden

Hands on Dyeing

Hand Knits for the Home

Hands on Spinning

The Handy Book of Patterns

Soothing Soaps

Spin It

and The Soap Book

I really had no business buying those soap books as the last thing I need is another hobby of any kind. But, I'm blaming the kids, that I will do the activity with them. Wave as I sail down Denial.


J. Denae said...

Hey!! I live on Denial too!! We must be neighbors!

aija said...


I am SOOO glad you posted about this earlier... I got in on the hurt book love today! :) So happy...

(Picked up children's collection, art of fair isle, and folk knitting in estonia... YAY! Your choices look great too...)

Holly in CT said...

Spinning? Cool. I am taking a spinning class at Stitches East and will have to tell you all about it!