Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday morning wrap up

I feel like I need to get back to some of ya'll on the comments about the dishcloths etc. Jeri, the yarn I used for the purple dishcloth was a el cheapo Sugar and Creme from our local AC Moore (that was on sale for $1 ball; I want to wash dishes with something pretty, but I'm not washing with anything expensive!). I think Michael's and/or Jo-Ann Crafts carries it also. It's funny about the other dishcloth with the pooling. So many people can't stand pooling with their sock yarn or whatever variegated yarn etc. I think it's kind of nifty. One reason why I don't particularly care if my socks end up matching or they look more fraternal. I think they are more interesting that way. Then again, let's be honest, I just like crazy socks.

April, I missed most of the Lamont/Lieberman debate. Forgot it was on until it was almost over. I have a hard time watching them truthfully because both sides end up looking like such holes. The presidential debates were a great example of that a couple of years back. J., the fact that Bush has any contact with the reality of his situation has to be coming from Laura because the volume of nicknamed yes men that surround him certainly aren't helping his cause.

Donna, the Euroflax sale was awesome! 30% off on the Chunky and Worsted. I needed the Sport weight for the towels from Mason-Dixon, but decided to just go with the Worsted because it's pretty darn close. And I picked up some other linen to start some face cloths and see what happens. I can't get over the difference between what the ball feels like and what the finished product feels like.

Oh, and Jeri, are you from Philly or Baltimore? I only ask because of my relatives in both places that say "warsh," I love it!
And I know I usually wait until the beginning of the week to show you what's blooming, but this is sort of a special case. I cannot for the life of me remember what the name of this flower is. But it is spectacular. I don't exactly love the angle of this picture, though. I had a similar one bloom the other day and had no idea the bloom would only last only one day and since I missed getting a shot of that one, I took a pic of this one immediately this morning when I saw that it had opened it's amazing petals. I just planted these guys in the spring as bulbs so they are a new flower to me. Somewhere in my gardening notebook that isn't well-kept I maybe have a record of them. Wish I had taken better notes this time! Had no idea the show I was in for. Amazing they are even more delicate than irises.


Emy said...

Again with the twinsies thing...I love fraternal twin socks! :)

handknitbyafailedfeminist said...

Hey, the debate sucked. I am hating Lieberman these days. THe pious hypocrite used the name of the "lord" in vain to criticise Lamont. He was all "Good G-D" blah blah blah!Do we have to hate lamaont because he's rich?