Friday, July 07, 2006

The Basic Dishcloth

Why it took me so long to get this photo on? It's those darn kids again. :)

The weather here is finally beautiful, some might say spectacular today so Mimi and I are headed to the park to play with our friends. And if I am lucky to work on another ball band dishcloth from MD. And I have to get to the sale over at Sit N Knit because they have the Euroflax on sale. Want facecloths and guest towels!!!


aija said...

Great colors! (Lucky face!) :)

Robin's Donna said...

Euroflax on sale? Lucky you -- I am knitting my second tee shirt out of Euroflax and can't wait for it to be finished (for the second time -- a little gauge issue where I did not listen to the voice in my head but we won't go there) It is the BEST yarn for hot and humid weather -- feels like rough string when you're knitting but machine washed and dried and it's soft and drapey.

Jeri said...

What color/yarn is your basic dishcloth?