Friday, July 14, 2006

Come on over for coffee!

A month or more ago, I mentioned I was having coffee-maker problems. Thankfully, the company that makes the brewer, Keurig was nice enough to FedEx me the part that I needed and I was back in business. Well, my friends, the past few weeks have been tough for a girl just trying to get her caffeine because we had a new problem. Seems that now, the pump in the maker is on its way out so instead of getting an 8 oz. cup of coffee, you'd get practically a giant shot of espresso. (I think I failed to mention this is one of those one cup brewer deals, that comes with the little k-cups of coffee grounds you pop into the machine, hit the button and hot coffee in seconds.) So, I'd run the coffee through the filter a second time and get sort-of a real cup of coffee.

I finally called them about a week ago (in all my free time) and said, hey ya'll this is kind of starting to suck. So, I descaled the brewer (which basically means running vinegar through it) and then I poked around with their little tool to make sure there were no clogs that I missed. And still no dice.

So, the nice people at Keurig told me I had two options: 1) buy a refurbished brewer for $50 or 2) get a new brewer + some coffee for $100. I went with the new brewer (that they shipped for free) because with my luck, on day 91 of a 90 day warranty, the thing would blow up. So, this one has the real 1 year warranty, it was half off and I am happily brewing. And this one is so much cooler! Easier to get the water in, nifty loading mechanism (I'm a little bit of a gadget freak) and three sizes of coffee: cup, mug and travel mug. Rock on! So, if you're in the neighborhood, stop by for a cup! We'll be glad to see you!


Holly in CT said...

Glad to hear you are back in the making coffee business. Caffine is an absolute necessity! You should see me today, going from office to office, with cup in hand begging for coffee. I have the Sensco and Hubby bought the wrong package of coffee inserts so I am in serious caffine withdrawal!!

April said...

Nothing worse then having to battle for a cup of Joe. My kids don't even come into the kitchen until I've had at least one cup.
Smart kids...Glad to hear you're back in buisness.