Wednesday, July 05, 2006

3 Relatively political comments (cause you know you've missed them)

1) Ken Lay died today. I know the coroner said severe coronary heart disease (after all, he was living in beef land and he wasn't buying cheap steak with all that money), but isn't it ironic that it happened right after they asked him to turn over the $182.2 million in assets? I think Bushy boy, who used to call him "kenny boy," probably slipped him some secret government pill to make it look like a heart attack. And no, I don't think there was a second gunman.

2) Has Lieberman lost his freaking mind? I love how he slipped it in over the holiday weekend that if he loses the August 8th primary, he plans on petitioning to get on the ballot as a, get this, "independent democrat." I'm not sure if it's an oxymoron or just mere redundancy. As the party is slipping away, and we have the possibility of taking back the senate, he comes in to just screw everyone over. (Don't forget, no donation is too small, put a dime in the piggy bank over at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and get my buddy Robin off of my back *smile*.) I don't know a ton about Ned Lamont, but let me tell you this, at least he had the good sense to say he would back Lieberman if Lamont loses the primary. Because the last thing we need is to split the vote in November. Remember that little election a few years ago where Nader wouldn't back down and support Gore? Think it can't happen? I know nothing about the Republican candidate, but how pissed would you be if some Repub snuck in there because of stupidity on the part of the hawk? I'm sure as the next few months wear on, this is going to make me nuts.

3) I've been a little quiet on the front of wire-tapping us everyday citizens. But, I heard an interview with Martina Navritalova (my apologies if I have spelled that wrong because I am her new biggest fan) and she made an excellent point. Not just because of what she said but because of where she comes from. She basically said that we need to get upset, very upset. Because the deal is she knows what it's like. She knows what it's like to call your parents and hear the clicks and know that someone is listening to whatever it is you want to say. Not right. And the difference here . . . we can't even hear the clicks. Be very afraid.


Anonymous said...

Slipped Kenny-boy a pill? More likely a plane ticket to South America ... just sayin' ?

Anonymous said...

right on!