Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's contagious!

These dishcloths and washcloths are dangerous. I can't seem to stop knitting them. I did this one with leftover yarn from the other ball band that I did plus the leftover from the basic dishcloth. And FYI on the basic dishcloth because people have asked, I don't think this is a pattern truly owned by anyone. I've seen it in a dozen different places, all with different attribution that runs the gamut from husband's grandma to such-and-such a company. So, I don't think I am in trouble by reprinting here:

100 yds. Worsted weight cotton yarn (such as Peaches ‘n Cream)
Needles: US # 8
Yarn needle for weaving in ends

CO 4 sts
Knit 1 row across.
Begin Increase:
K2, YO, K to end of row.
-Repeat “increase row” until there are 45 stitches on the needle.
Begin Decrease:
K1, K2 tog., YO, K2 tog., K to end of row.
-Repeat “decrease row” until there are 4 stitches remaining on the needle.
Bind off:
Weave in ends.

I actually used # 7 needles because they were handy at the time. I was thrilled that I could actually use the leftover yarn from one of these babies as my contrasting color for the ball band (color A) and have exactly enough to do it. Very cool. The green was my color A from my first ball band cloth, so I had just enough of that to do this one. I've increased the number of cast-on stitches to 50 to do a face/washcloth for myself.

And with the fabulous Maggi knits linen I picked up at Sit N Knit last week, I'm also knitting myself a linen face cloth. How great is linen to work with? Definitely my new favorite yarn. I have some Euroflax also, but I am saving that for the hand towels. I'm almost finished with the 50 stitch facecloth so I will post that later. The linen will probably be a few more days.

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Laursink said...

HI! Don't you just love those washclothes! Even my husband loves them! Crazy! I won't wash my face with anything else (Well, I ok, I will if I have too!)