Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Not a lot new going on in the garden this week that was worth photographing. I have some odd purple glads that are trying to look good in the heat and not doing very well. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the second cucumber. The first one was delicious and since this plant I grew from seed, I am especially excited by the prospect of getting more than one cucumber out of it. Sugar Bear ate the last one so fast, I only got one piece. I know I should be thankful she loves veggies (unlike Mimi) but share the bounty would ya? Also, anxiously waiting for my first from-seed tomato to redden up. As you can see, she's looking plump and juicy but very, very green. I have this fear that it won't be ripe before I have to leave for VA next week and then some bug or animal will get to it before I do. I know it's crazy, but raising tomato from seed, for me, hasn't been easy!

I think I may even get some peppers out of the deal. The pepper plant is looking remarkably healthy. I've got some lettuce that's about ready to be picked and also, some hope on the carrot front. The strawberries are blooming again, but the one Sugar Bear ate was, and I quote, "horrible." She was right, it was completely sour. Very strange.

And on the flower front, a hydrangea that took four years to bloom. Worth the wait as the pink blossoms are quite lovely. And I thought I only planted white begonias, but here is one of the lovely red blossoms, so either I was wrong or the package was wrong. ("If I am wrong, and I am almost never wrong . . .")I can't even remember with the hydrangea where the thing came from. They are one of my favorite flowers and I've planted quite a few of them over the years. It's funny, in my yard, some plants I Miracle Grow and they do awesome. Some I do nothing to and they do awesome. And then there are the ones I fertilize for years and nothing changes. I'd blame the soil, but all things are pretty equal around here.


Peach Pod said...

Please tell me that you fried up that perfectly beautiful green tomato (othrwise known as a mater)!

Eleni said...

I confess, though I am Southern as well, though living with these "damn yankees" :), I am waiting for it to redden. I have thoughts of that with some buffalo mozarella and balsamic vingear. (My grandmother already gave me the business that I wasn't going to fry it up)

Claire said...

Oh, I LOVE those Hydrangeas...and you make me want to go out and take pics of my Heirloom Tomatoes on the vine - still green, but cookin' right along!!!!!