Friday, July 21, 2006

Darn that Interweave!

Interweave Press is having their hurt book sale early this year. I'm almost afraid to look at the list because that means wanting to spend money on books that I probably have been coveting for a while. If I have two weaknesses it's books and yarn. And the combination resulting in a knitting book is akin to heroin for me. Darn them! How dare they print books about knitting! Don't they know I have to educate my children?

It starts Tuesday at 10 a.m. for those of you who will be joining me down the path of destruction.


aija said...

WOW. Thanks for passing this link on! I see TOO many I "need"... ergh! :)

Robin's Donna said...

Thank God, I will have to be at work and all the good books will be gone by the time I could check itout.